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EMC Invest Futong Technology,Seize the Cloud Market Opportunity

July 23 , 2010 11:51:41 AM utc+8

EMC Corporation, the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, and Futong Technology Development Holdings Limited, one of China's leading distributors of enterprise IT products announced Wednesday intentions to form a strategic partnership that will help customers accelerate their journey to the private clouds.

EMC planned to invest in E-tong Dongfang Computer System Services Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Futong Technology to enhance the distribution and integration of EMC's Virtual Storage technologies - a key component of a private cloud - through a dedicated sales and services team. No further details of the deal were disclosed.

Given this is a crucial point in the transformation of the private cloud market, the input in E-Tong is believed to help Chinese customers accelerate their realization of the benefits of cloud computing with EMC Virtual Storage technologies.

"More and more organizations in China are looking for innovative ways to deal with the increasing complexity, inflexibility, and cost of their IT environments," said EMC Vice Chairman Bill Teuber. "They understand that the best way forward is to deploy fully virtualized, cloud-based IT infrastructures."

"To lead our customers in China on a safe and swift journey to the private cloud, EMC works with strong local partners like Futong who shares our vision of IT, fully embraces virtualization, and is as customer focused as we are," he added.

As a driving force in the development and advancement of Virtual Storage and private clouds, EMC offers industry-leading solutions. EMC's information infrastructure provides optimized integration with virtualized infrastructure from VMware, a subsidiary of EMC and a leader in providing cloud operation system.

The investment on enterprise data centers in China went up 17 percent in 10009 and will grow 24 percent in 2010, according to the 2010 China Enterprise Data Center Market Research Report issued by CCW Research in April.

Cloud computing and virtualization are expected to be the major enablers for the market growth in the coming years.

EMC's planned investment in E-tong will further expand the penetration of its Virtual Storage technologies and help customers on the journey to the private clouds. EMC and E-tong intend to make further progress in private cloud computing through established industry experience and customer network in telecom, post and telecom, finance, electricity, petroleum, education and healthcare, media, transportation, military and government sectors.